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Since 1930, Cook-Leitch's Coatings has surpassed the expectations of customers providing high-quality plating & metal finishing 

Plating & Metal Finishing Processes:
Customer Communication and Quality is Unparalleled!

We offer our Customer's Trucking Service in Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Detroit's Metro Area and Fort Wayne (Eastern Indiana).

We set high expectations for ourselves so our customers can focus-on their other priorities!

  • Electroless Nickel (E-N) & Electroless Nickel with Teflon (ENT):

  • Offers High, Mid and Low Phosphorous Electroless Nickel

  • We can E-N molds & parts up 10 ft. x 10 ft. and up to 10-ton capacity. 

  • Frequently runs parts with sizes of  48” x 90” via our Electroless Nickel lines.   

Call for more details: Dan Leitch

@ 216.870.1098

  • Stainless Steel Finishing:

  • Electropolishing of Stainless Steel

  • Passivation of Stainless Steel

Hale Performance Coatings. Electropolish

Before & After Electropolishing

  • Electropolishing of Stainless Steel' tubes, machined components, stampings & fabrications, and welded wire baskets & cages.  See Below.

Hale Performance Coatings. Electropolish
Hale Performance Coatings. Electropolish
  • Hard Chrome Plating:

  • The Industrial Hard Chrome Plate process is unsurpassed.

    • Thickness from .0004" to .010"​

  • For 90 years, we have perfected Hard Chrome.

  • The Hard Chrome molds, tools, & dies,, other industrial castings, sheet metal fabrications, machined parts, etc.

  • A 25-ton capacity, and we can handle tools & parts up to 12 ft. deep x 10' wide & long.

  • We also provide Polishing services.

We help design & build anodes for all chrome plating molds and tools (See below)

Hale Performance Coatings. Large Tool an

Large Mold and Tool Chrome Plating Facility

Proprietary Coatings for Tooling, Stamping/Deep Drawing Dies, Cutting Tools, Injection & Rubber Molds: 

  • DyCLAD--

    • Very thin Coating thickness (.0001")--thus, does not change the part dimension.   

    • Hardness of 70Rc

    • Superior bond strength.

    • Less friction & tremendous wear resistance--up to 47% improvement.​​​​

  • DyCro-Tuff--

    • This specialty coating offers hybrid chemical polymer impregnated into the hard chrome electro-plating.  

    • The polymer fills-in the micro-crack structure of the chrome, and provides a mirror-like finish and  extended tool life for your molds, tools, etc. 

  • DyCOTE-C--

    • Special cleaning process along with "engineered-chrome" which allows for improved part release from the mold while providing enhanced tool life to the tool.

Guide to Coatings.........

  • Compression Molds--

    • Electroless Nickel

    • Hard Chrome

    • Dycro-Tuff

  • Rubber Molds--

    • DyCOTE-C

    • Electroless Nickel with Teflon​

    • Hard Chrome

  • Injection Molding Tools--

    • Hard Chrome​

    • DyCLAD

    • DyCro-Tuff

    • Aluminum Molds--Electroless Nickel​​ & E-N with Teflon

  • Stamping Dies, Deep Draw Dies, Cutting Tools, Cold-Forming Tools,  Bearing Surfaces, Transmission 

    • DyCro-Tuff

Call us to inquire about improving your tool, mold, cutting tool and stamping die tool-life. 


Dan Leitch @ 216.870.1098

Hale Performance Coatings. Design and Bu
Hale Performance Coatings. Hard Chrome P
Hale Performance Coatings. HVOF Thermal
Hale Performance Coatings. HVOF In Actio
Hale Performance Coatings. HVOF Thermal
  • Bright Dipping of Brass Parts--

    • We have ability to adapt our Bright Dip' process to meet our customer's specifications.

    • Bright Dip' niche is processing of variety of low, mid & high volume brass components while maintaining disciplined lot control for each part.

Hale Performance Coatings. Bright Dippin
Hale Performance Coatings. Bright Dippin
Hale Performance Coatings. HVOF Thermal
Hale Performance Coatings. HVOF Thermal
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF): 

  • The HVOF' process is a terrific substitute to Hard Chrome plating.

    • Achieved hardness is 80+Rc​

    • Improved corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, etc.​​

  • We can thermal spray (HVOF) a variety of powder

    • Tungsten Carbide (80Rc)

    • Stainless Steel (300 & 400-Series)
    • Chromium Carbide
    • Nickel Chromium

    • Inconel & Monel
    • Nickel Aluminum 

    • Aluminum Bronze

    • ​Tungsten Carbide

            Nickel Super-alloy

  • Our HVOF' process can handle Cylinders, Rods, Shafts, etc. up to 10 ft. in length and 14" in diameter.

  • Diamond-wheel OD/Cylindrical' grinding capabilities.

    • We pre-grind to remove coatings on the Rod/Shaft/Cylinders prior the HVOF process.  Then, we fin​ish-grind to specified OD tolerance with micro-finishes of 4-6 Ra.

Other Services Include:​

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning and Micro-Cleaning of Parts

  • Black Oxide--High Temperature

  • Laser Etching Parts for Lot Control 

Environmentally Conscious:

  • We've reduced its' Chrome Plating' Footprint from 15 tanks to 3 tanks.

  • Many of our customers have transitioned to a superior coating--i.e, HVOF Thermal Spray

  • The entire facility is a closed-loop plating discharge of chemical into the sewer system. 

Hale Performance Coatings. Closed Loop P

Pick-up and Delivery Service to these areas:

  • Northeastern Ohio--Twice per week

  • Detroit Metro-Area--Daily

  • Eastern Indiana--Twice per week

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