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Eastern Sintered Alloys (St. Marys, PA)

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Powder Metal Components - Sintered Metal Parts
Cook-Leitch Inc. has proudly provided the technical sales, account development and program management role for ESA since 1984.

Engineering & Technical Support—The ESA’ Intangible!

  • ESA is an engineering-driven Powder Metal company.

  • We offer our customers prompt part design assistance.

  • We take into account the overall assembly design and the application of the P/M component.

  • ESA can offer P/M material recommendations based upon the part application.

  • ESA has (4) seats of 2020 SolidWorks.

  • ESA designs all Powder Metal (P/M) tooling in-house………..

    • Thus, we have complete understanding of the long-term maintenance of the tooling.

    • We are committed to maintain your tooling for the “life of the program".

Speed to Market: Our Commitment to YOU!

  • ESA is very responsive to customer’s RFQ demands.

  • ESA offers part design and assembly design support.

  • Very disciplined Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) system.  

  • Again, we understand the part application and function of our customer's assembly.

  • Tool design, tool build and PPAP submission ranges from 5-weeks to 8-weeks.

​ Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • (82) molding presses

    • T​onnage range is 4 ton to 300 ton (approx. 9 sq. inches)​​

  • (24) sintering ovens
    • High-temperature sintering​
    • Air-hardened sintering capabilities
  • ​(16) sizing presses--High-speed sizing of bearings (straight-walls, flange, etc.), spacers, bushings, etc.

  • Copper Infiltrating and other high-strength materials for your application.

  • Warm compaction capabilities for higher strength, higher density is set-up on 75% of our molding presses. 

  • Note: The Powder Metal (P/M) Industry is committed to "Green Technology".  See below video, "The Sustainability Continuum".

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 ESA's Manufacturing is Committed to Automation & Robotics:

  • ESA is a leader in P/M manufacturing technology.

  • ESA's 92,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is highly-automated.

  • We have pick-n-place robotics, uniquely designed & built to smoothly transition the production of P/M parts from molding through our sinteri​ng process.  

ESA's Diversity of Custom Powder Metal (P/M) Parts:

  • Actuator Levers

  • Armatures

  • Bearings

    • Straight-wall​
    • Flange
    • Spherical
  • Bushings

  • Cams

  • Clamps

  • Compression Limiters

  • Counterweights

  • Gears

    • Helical (19 degree)​

    • Sector Gears

    • Compound Gears

    • Pinion Gears

    • Planet Gears

    • Ring Gears

    • Sprocket Gears

  • Housings

  • Hubs

  • Pawls

  • Pulley' Halves

  • Retaining Rings

  • Spacers

  • Structural P/M Parts

Powder Metal Bearings and Bushings--Bron
Powder Metal Gears, Sector Gears, Pinion
ESA. Structural. 2007. #7.JPG

ESA's Powder Metal (MPIF) Materials:

  • High Strength Alloys

  • High Density Materials

  • Air-Hardened Materials

  • Stainless Steel

  • Bronze (90/10)

  • Diluted Bronze

  • High Temperature Sintering

  • Copper Infiltration

  • Iron Copper

  • Distalloy Materials

  • Iron Nickel


We will be glad to send you a copy of the MPIF material standards book for Structural P/M components and Bearing applications.  Please call us at 216.870.1098 for an electronic copy.

ESA's other Services Include:

  • Oil Impregnating Systems with Centrifuge Equipment

  • Vibratory Finishing for Deburring

  • Heat Treating

  • Steam Treat

  • Drilling

  • Tapping

  • Machining

  • Sizing

  • Grinding

  • Plating

  • Special Impregnation's for Sealing/Coatings, and Assemblies

  • 100% Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) via Vision and/or Resonance for safety critical Powder Metal parts.

Powder Metal Parts--Zinc Plated.jpg

ESA is Quality-Oriented:

  • ESA is ISO9001:2015-registered.  We have an excellent quality performance history. 

  • The key to ESA’s quality is…….

    • Understanding the part application and function, and design a P/M part for manufacturability.

    • Secondly, ESA has a very disciplined approach in designing high-quality, robust tools.

  • ESA is diligent in our preventative maintenance of tooling—We protect our customer’s investment!!

  • ESA monitors our quality throughout the molding, sintering, secondary processing (i.e. heat treat, machining, plating, etc.).

  • ESA specializes in Safety Critical applications, and we have a full QA Lab, including mechanical break-testing equipment for comparative yield strength, elongation, etc.

  • ESA also features a 5,000 sq. ft. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) department—

    • We can high-speed 100% inspect P/M parts via

      • Auto Vision Systems ​

      • Resonant (Sound) Inspection Systems

      • Or, incorporate both NDT' 100% inspection techniques for your safety critical P/M components.

ESA. Automated Vision System Process.jpg
Non-Destructive Testing Powder Metal--10


  • Eastern Sintered Alloys, Inc. (ESA) was founded in 1979 by John Sterbank Sr. and Art Hildebrand.
  • Today, ESA employs 300 dedicated associates, and we have a 92,000 sq. ft. facility in St. Marys, PA (Elk County). 
  • We are one of the largest employers in Elk County.  
  • Also, ESA is one of the largest privately-owned Powder Metal companies in North America.
  • ESA has developed a corporate culture of "team-work" which has solidified our customer' relationships over the past 40-years. 
The Sustainability Continuum

The Sustainability Continuum

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