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Wire Products Inc

Springs (Compression, Torsion & Extension)

Hose Guards, Coil Guards, Spring Guards

Wire Forms (4-Slide and CNC Formed)

Straight-n-Cut Wires, Pins, Rods, etc.

Stampings (Metallic & Non-Metallic)

Up to 150 Ton.......

Multi-Slide, Progressive Die,
& High-Speed Punch Press)

Assemblies (Welding--MIG, TIG, Resistance)


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Cook-Leitch Inc. has proudly provided the technical sales, account development & program                                               management activities for WPC since 1964.

Wire Products Co. Springs Hydraulic Flui

WPC Commitment to Customer Satisfaction—The “Perfect Formula”!

  • WPC is AS9100D-registred (Aerospace & Defense), as well as ISO9001:2015.

  • Early Involvement in the Design of Springs, Wire Forms, Stampings & Assemblies.

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning at time of Product Launch (at time of PO)

  • Disciplined Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP) submitted to our customer.

  • Check and Balance Systems throughout the Manufacturing Process.

  • Excellent Lot Control……….from Receipt of Raw Material to our Warehouse to you (our customer).

WPC’s Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Springs – wire sizes from .005” - .312” diameter.

  • Stampings – multi-slide equipment, progressive die, and high-speed punch press up to 150   Ton.  

  • Non-Metallic Stampings – material from .005” - .250” diameter.

  • Wire Forms – Four-slide and auto CNC-forming of wire size up to .551” (14mm) diameter.

    • WPC also has secondary process capabilities such as flattening, piercing, coining, hole-punching, welding of clips, brackets, and metal finishing (i.e. powder coating, painting, zinc plating, etc.).​

  • Welded Assemblies – production welding of sub-assemblies.

    • Welding of two (2) wire-forms, or a stamping to a wire form.  Also, riveting, light assemblies and specialty packaging. ​

Engineering & Technical Support:

  • WPC is responsive to customer’ needs & RFQ’s!

  • WPC has 70+ years of engineering experience working round-wire and flat coil stock materials.

  • WPC provides our customers prompt part design assistance, spring design support, raw material recommendations and proto-typing based upon your application.

  • We design our wire form and stamping tools in-house. 

  • In addition, we can build stamping die and wire form tooling in-house, and we have excellent tooling shops in Northeast Ohio to support us.

  • WPC’s engineering team works with a variety of raw materials:

    • 1008/1010 and 1018/1020

    • Pre-Galvanized 
    • Music Wire

    • Chrome Vanadium & Chrome Silicone--Valve Quality (Hydraulic Spring Applications)

    • Stainless Steel

    • High Strength, Low Alloy (HSLA)

    • 1045 Cold Headed Quality (Automotive Strikers)

    • Copper & Brass

    • WPC offers our customers the best in 3D modeling, prototyping, and technical support in the design of custom-made parts to meet your applications.

  • We utilize advanced CAD technology/tools, machines and manufacturing processes to meet each Spring, Wire Form, Stamping & Welded Assembly specification.

WPC: A Culture of Quality Since 1951:

  • WPC is AS9100D-registred (Aerospace & Defense), as well as ISO9001:2015.

  • Wire Products Company is registered with the U. S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (ITAR) and the U.S. / Canada Joint Certification Office for Military Critical Technical Data.

  • Aerospace & Defense is only 12% of our overall business.  However, our disciplined AS9100D-certified quality system pertains to all customers & industries that we serve.

  • WPC incorporates a very thorough product launch (APQP) approach for every new part order or part change. 

    • Our APQP meeting entails an in-depth analysis of the part dimensions, tolerances, manufacturing methodology, outside sources, and packaging, and shipping. 

    • This APQP meeting includes team-members from WPC’s  engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, quality, logistics, and outside processes (heat treat, painting/powder coating,  plating, shot-peening, etc.).

  • The combination of our disciplined APQP approach, our robust PPAP, manufacturing & quality system, and our Kanban/JIT warehouse makes WPC a valuable asset to all of our customers.

  • WPC produces high-quality Springs, Wire Forms, Stampings and Assemblies.


Wire Products Company was incorporated in 1951, and we are centrally located in Cleveland, Ohio. Wire Products Company is a family-owned business that has built a reputation with manufacturers around the world for capability, prices, delivery and service.   


Our WPC’ Campus:  160,000 sq. ft. in total.

Wire Products Company has three (3) facilities on our Cleveland, OH campus.

  •  Plant 1 (14601 Industrial Parkway, Cleveland, OH 44135)

    • WPC/Plant 1 produces Springs, Grinding Department (of Springs), Stress Relief Ovens, Stamping Presses, Tool Room, CNC Wire Forming, Production Welding and our main Quality Lab.

  •  Plant 2 (14600 Industrial Parkway, Cleveland, OH 44135)

    • WPC/Plant 2 produces Multi-Slide (flat-stock) Stampings, Four-Slide (round wire)  Wire Forms, New Verti-Slide CNC Wire Forming Machine, Welding Department,  Prototype/Secondary Operations for Low Volume Stamping & Wire Forming, and our Complementary Quality/Inspection Lab.

  •  Plant 3 (14700 Industrial Parkway, Cleveland, OH 44135)

    • WPC/Plant 3 location contains our Hose Guard/Coil Guards (up to 25 ft. in length).

    • Plant 3 also functions as our JIT, Kanban, and Finished Goods Warehouse for our customers. 

    • WPC does an excellent job managing our customers’ production and delivery requirements, and we maintain an adequate amount of raw material and finished goods inventory to support our customers’ demands.

Wire Products Co. CNC-Wire Forming and F
Wire Products Co. Wire Rings. Retaining
Wire Products Co. Wire Forms and Welding
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