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Precision Capital LTD is the Parent Company of RW Screw LLC. (Massillon, Ohio), K&Y Manufacturing LLC. (Canton, MI) and Metal Seal Precision (Mentor, Ohio)

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Complex Motor & Transmission Shafts, Hydraulic & Motion Control Components, Firearm Machined Parts, etc.

Cook-Leitch Inc. has proudly provided the technical sales, account development and program management role since 1973.

RW Screw. Hydromat Eclipse 12-Station Ro
RW Screw. Hydromat Eclipse Rotary Transf
RW Screw. CNC Turning Centers. Deco Mach
RW Screw. Index Multiple Spindle Turning
RW Screw. CNC Machining Center. Traub CN
RW Screw. Multiple Spindle CNC Schutte S
K & Y Manufacturing. Overview of Machini

K&Y Mfg. (Canton, MI)--Davenport machines & Euroturns

RW Screw (Massillon, OH)--Schutte Multiple Spindles--up to 52mm diameter

K&Y Manufacturing. Davenport Machines. A
K&Y Manufacturing. Davenport Multiple Sp
RW Screw. Hydraulic and Fluid Power Comp

CNC’s with Bar-Feeders--Swiss Style, Citizen, Traub, Deco, EMCO, Index, etc. machining centers for Low-to-Mid Volume Quantities.

 Multiple Spindle Screw Machines--Acme's, CNC Schutte's, Euro-Turn's, BTB Turning Center, ZPS' CNC machines & Davenport Machines for Mid-to-High Volume Quantities.






Hydromat' Rotary Transfer Machines for Dedicated High-Volume Programs.




Machining & Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • CNC Screw Machines--Up to 52mm (2.047") diameter

  • Multiple Spindle Machining Centers--Up to 72mm (2.80") diameter

  • Davenport Multiple Spindle Machines--.125" (3.175mm) up to .875" (22.23mm) for round diameter, and up to 1" (25mm) for hex diameter.

  • Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines--Up to 32mm (1.260") diameter.

Materials & Grades of Steel:

  • 12L14 and 1215

  • Steel Alloys

  • Stainless Steels

  • Brass

  • Aluminum

  • Non-Metallics

RW Screw. Raw Material Wide Variety of G

Extensive Secondary Equipment

  • Precision Centerless Grinding--Thru-Feed & In-Feed, and ID Grinding.

  • Broaching & Milling

  • Rack-Rolling, Thread-Rolling, Knurling, Splining, & Gear-Hobbing

  • Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Cross-Hole Drilling Machines--Custom-built in-house (Hydraulic/Fluid Power applications)

  • Honing & Reaming

  • Gun-Drilling 

  • Ultra-Sonic Cleaning & Parts Washing

  • Anodizing 

  • Citric Passivating of Stainless Steel Parts

  • Specialty Packaging

RW Screw. Secondary Processes Grinding.

Our Competitive Edge:

  • Unparalleled Bench Strength--350 customer-focused associates knowledgeable in raw materials, machining & automation, outside processes, & logistics.

  • Superior Technical Expertise--Unique capability to partner in a value-engineered approach to reduce costs & maximize efficiencies.

  • Customer' Application Knowledge--We understand the application and expectations of our machined component within a customer' assembly.

  • Commitment to Technology--Ongoing investment in machine tools & robotics to maintain market competitiveness.

  • Multiple Manufacturing Locations & Diverse Range of Machine Tools

    • We can support proto-types, development phase thru ramp-up and full-production capacity.

  • Vertically Integrated--Unmatched array of machine tools for primary & secondary operations "under one roof" to maximize competitiveness and reduce lead-times.  

  • Excellent Rapport with Supply Chain Partners--70+ years of industry experience producing a wide-variety of complex products which has earned the highest respect of suppliers and customers.

Our Quality System:

  • RW Screw and Metal Seal Precision are IATF16949-registered and K&Y Mfg. is ISO9001:2015.

  • All facilities maintain a disciplined Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) approach to assure a "successful product launch".

  • All Quality Labs are equipped to measure:

    • Heat-treat hardness & case depth​

    • Plating thickness

    • Roundness (TIR)

    • Surface Finish ​​

  • Other Quality Highlights:

    • Robust gage calibration system--all plants

    • Centerless grinding Column Gages 

    • Smart Scope measuring devices

    • Eddy-Current machines

    • Comparators throughout our facilities

    • Customer' specific gages, inspection plans & equipment

RW Screw. Quality. Inspection Gages & Eq
RW Screw. View of Machining Centers and
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