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Toledo, Ohio

In 2022, Cook-Leitch Inc. added Whitaker Finishing to our portfolio of metal finishing companies.  Whitaker was founded in 1898, and today Whitaker remains a leader in the barrel plating industry--alkaline Zinc Nickel (Clear and Black), standard Zinc (Clear, Yellow & Black) and functional Copper (Cyanide) plating.   

  • Our fully automated barrel plating lines were designed and built by the Whitaker Finishing’ technical staff.

  • Whitaker’s barrel lines are precisely controlled via our computer network system including auto-feed chemistry.

  • Stampings—Whitaker’s barrel design allows us to barrel plate stampings which may otherwise need to be rack plated.

Whitaker Finishing. Barrel Line Photo.jpg
Whitaker Finishing. Precisely Controlled Barrel Plating System.jpg

Why Whitaker Finishing?

•  Communication with our customers is paramount!

•  Whitaker's commitment to quality and prompt

    delivery & service.
•  We will respond to RFQ’s within 48 hours.

•  Whitaker does NOT charge for break-ins on our

    plating lines.

•  Whitaker does NOT charge for PPAP

   submissions (only outside lab fees).

•  Whitaker has an excellent MRP & lot control 

   traceability system.

•  We have on-site salt spray testing capabilities--

   however, we continuously send parts to an outside

   accredited lab so to verify our in-house results.

•  Our quality lab can provide thickness certs and C of     C's (Certificate of Conformance) with each shipment.

•  We are ISO9001:2015 certified.

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Whitaker Finishing. Zinc Nickel Bracket.jpg

Barrel Zinc Nickel:

  • Three (3) alkaline Zinc Nickel (ZiNi) 48” barrel plating lines with 6, 9 and 14 plating stations.

  • Our alkaline ZnNi chemistry provides for a more uniform plating thickness across high & low current density areas.

  • Whitaker offers ZiNi with Clear or Black  passivates.

  • We can offer a wide variety of  Topcoats or Sealers.

  • Whitaker Finishing can attain 1,000+ hours of salt-spray testing depending upon your specification.

  • We meet a wide variety of automotive, agriculture, fluid power, etc. Zinc Nickel plating specifications--Call or e-mail us for a listing of those specifications (216.870.1098 or

Barrel Zinc:
  Two (2) Zinc barrel plating lines were – 36” and 48” 

    barrels each with 8 specially designed & built plating stations.

  Whitaker’s barrel lines are precisely controlled via our

    computer network system including auto-feed chemistry.

•   Whitaker offers Zinc with Clear, Yellow, and Black passivates.

•   We can offer a wide variety of Topcoats or Sealers.

  Again, Whitaker can certify our Zinc Plating process to a wide-

    range of specifications--Call or e-mail us for a listing of those

    Zinc specifications.

Whitaker Finishing. Black Zinc Plated Stamping.jpg

Functional Cyanide Copper:
Whitaker offers copper cyanide plating which
    provides a high-quality functional finish.

•   We offer copper thicknesses ranging from flash to 
    .002” (50 microns) for certain applications.

•   We copper plate a variety of products:
                        Weld Studs

                        Brake and Clutch Plates
                        Electrical Components

                        Nuts, Washer & Other Fasteners
                        Refrigeration Components

Whitaker Finishing. Functional Cyanide Copper Plating.jpg
Whitaker Finishing. Copper Plated Brake Pad Back Plates.jpg

Cook-Leitch Inc. has proudly represented the metal finishing & plating industry since 1973

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