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Metal Finishing Capabilities

  • Rack Zinc Plating

  • Rack Zinc Nickel Plating

  • Rack Zinc Iron Plating

Plating Process and Customer' Specifications

  • Our zinc plating source supports the automotive stamping industry, machined component manufacturers, cold-forming/heading, and other OEM component manufacturers with Zinc plating requirements.

  • We are centrally located in the Midwest USA and serve customers in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

  • Our partner's unique plating process provides excellent corrosion resistance without depositing excessive plating thickness.

  • Our Zinc, Zinc Nickel, and Zinc Iron plating process meet a variety of automotive plating specifications, including:

    • Bosch

    • BMW

    • British Standards

    • Case New Holland

    • Caterpillar

    • Continental

    • Cummins

    • Dana

    • Delphi

    • DIN-specifications

    • Eaton

    • FCA/Chrysler

    • Ford

  • General Motors

  • ​John Deere
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes
  • Navistar
  • Nissan
  • Tenneco
  • Tesla
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
DeKalb Metal Finishing. Stampings. Zinc

Please contact us about meeting a specific customer plating specification.

There are many other customer' plating specifications we attain not listed above.

                    Contact Dan Leitch @ 216-870-1098 or

Salt Spray Testing
Cyclic Corrosion Testing

Salt Spray Testing:

  • Cook Leitch's plating source's salt spray testing lab meets the ASTM B117, JIS Z 2371, and ISO 9227 specifications.

  • Here's what our customers can expect via corrosion resistance with our unique passivation & plating process:

    • Zinc plating

      • 240 hours or greater to white rust​

      • 480 hours or greater to red rust

    • Zinc Nickel plating

      • 360 hours or greater to white rust

      • 1,000+ hours or greater to red rust

    • Zinc Iron plating

      • 168 to 240 hours or greater to white rust

      • 720 hours or greater to red rust


Cyclic Corrosion Testing:

  • In today's automotive manufacturing industry, there is continuous pressure to achieve increased corrosion resistance based on various corrosive atmospheres.

  • Our Zinc Plating Source is committed to simulating environmental changes within a controlled "yet expedited" setting to predict corrosion failure modes better after the part has been assembled.

DeKalb Metal Finishing. Cyclic Corrosion
  • .Our Quality Lab can perform Cyclic Corrosion Testing to meet the requirements of GMW14872, SAE J2334 and Ford's CETP L-467 specifications.

  • Our Quality Lab is capable of performing Cyclic Corrosion Testing to meet the requirements of GMW14872, SAE J2334 and Ford's CETP L-467 specifications.

Cook Leitch's Plating Source What makes us Different?

  • 70 years of dedicated service to our customers and employees.

  • Excellent rapport with our chemical and plating rack sources.

  • Our partner is solely focused on our customer's rack Zinc, Zinc Nickel, and Zinc Iron plating requirements. That's been our expertise throughout the history of this family-owned company.

  • Cook Leitch's plating source has built a strong reputation working with rubber and stamping companies to develop a zinc plating process for enhanced adhesion bonding rubber-to-metal components.

  • We have excellent Lot Control and detailed Work Instructions and Packaging Guidelines for every part we run.

  • We are a large enough plating facility to handle high-volume automotive applications. Yet, we're small & agile to maintain ongoing communication with our customers and respond promptly to our customer's demands.

  • Please consider our zinc plating source on a current and/or future Zinc, Zinc Nickel, or Zinc Iron plating application. We will be a great partner for your organization!!

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