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Fasco Fasteners. Alsip, Illinois. Logo.p

Alsip, Iliinois (Headquarters)

Fasco Fasteners. Alsip, IL.  Headquarter

Specializing in mid-to-high volume fasteners (rivets, nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc.) and engineered (per blueprint specifications) cold-formed components. 

Fasco is an Importer, a Distributor, and a Vendor Management Inventory organization based in the Chicago' metro area.  

Fasco Fasteners. High Quality Global Sou

Fasco Fastener's Capabilities:

Fasco Fasteners is your one-stop-shop for fasteners and engineered hardware components.  

Since 1977, Fasco Fasteners has established solid manufacturing partnerships with 28 Taiwanese' producers of standard and custom (per blueprint specification) fasteners and cold-headed products.  Fasco is CTPAT-certified for all imported shipments.  

All of Fasco's Taiwan' manufacturing facilities are IATF16949 or ISO9001:2015 registered, and Fasco has an engineering and quality staff working at each of our partnering plants.

Fasco Fasteners. Headed Collars. Fastene

We support the following industries:

  • appliance

  • automotive

  • electronic

  • value-added stamping (weld nuts, rivets)

  • rubber & plastic injection molded (insert and over-molded components)

  • furniture

  • among other industries. 

Fasco Fasteners prides itself on the ability to create efficiencies for your supply chain while delivering high-quality products on schedule every time.

We manage the entire supply-chain for our customers with "local" top quality service.

Fasco's Diversity of Products:

  • Special Engineered Cold-Headed Components & Weld Studs Per Blueprint Specification:

Fasco Fasteners. Cold Heading Engineered
Fasco Fasteners. Double-ended-studs. Wel

Fasco Fasteners is a licensed distributor of engineered fasteners such as:  

  • Taptite

  • Delta PT

  • MAThread

  • TORX

  • RemForm

Fasco Fasteners. Licensed Fastener Produ
  • Bolts: Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Shoulder Bolts, T-Bolts, Flange Bolts and custom headed components​​.

Fasco Fasteners. Specialty Bolts and Sta
Fasco Fasteners. T-Head Bolts and Specia
  • Rivets: Solid Rivets, Semi-Tubular & Full-Tubular Rivets, Shoulder Rivets, Blind Rivets, Threaded Insert Rivets and Custom Engineered Rivets.

Fasco Fasteners. Standard Rivets and Spe
Fasco Fasteners. Full-tubular rivets.jpg
  • Nuts: Special & Custom Hex Nuts, Lock Nuts, and Stamped Nuts.

Fasco Fasteners. Custom Stamped Nuts.jpg
Fasco Fasteners, Special Lock Nuts, Stan
  • Electronic Hardware & Fastening Clip Components: Spacers & Stand-offs, Terminal Screws and Wire & Cable Management Clips, Clamps, etc.

Fasco Fasteners. Hardware. Fasteners. Ca
Fasco Fasteners. Electronic Hardware and

Fasco's Specializations Also Include:

  • Packaging, Kitting & High-Speed Bagging

    • Allow​ Fasco Fasteners to support your packaging & kitting requirements.

    • We can stream-line your supply chain--Fasco is well-suited for specialty packaging, labeling, quality control & preparing the final product correctly for your customer!

    • Fasco has high-volume printing on bag capabilities to highlight 

    • your logo, print lot #'s or serial #'s, date codes, and custom graphics.

    • Fasco thrives on establishing a KANBAN, JIT, Vendor Managed Inventory partnership with our customers, including specialty packaging and kitting.

Fasco Fasteners. High-Speeding-Bagging &
Fasco Fasteners. Packaging, Kitting and

What Does Fasco Fasteners Bring To Our Customers?

  • EXPERIENCE: Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, you get service and technical expertise from an industry leader.

  • VALUE: Our goal is to bring you value, by stream-lining your supply chain and delivering on-time, quality products.

  • VMI: Vendor Managed Inventory by Fasco is simple—we do all the work, and you never run out of parts.

  • YOUR PARTNER: In addition to sourcing—we’ll inspect, test, package and warehouse your product, then ship when you need parts.

  • QUALITY: Fasco only uses top-tier suppliers as well as certified laboratory services to ensure we deliver the quality you deserve.

  • INNOVATION: Fasco offers dedicated, cost-effective and innovative solutions. Each of our programs is custom-built for your unique requirements.

  • PACKAGING: Fasco uses state-of-the-art automated technology to fulfill packaging and kitting needs in-house.

Fasco Fasteners' Company History

  • Established in 1977

  • Fasco is a privately-owned company

  • 50,000 sq. ft warehouse (Headquartered in Chicago' suburb of Alsip, Illinois)

  • 50  dedicated employees

  • ISO 9001:2015-registered

Fasco Fasteners. Alsip, IL. Photo of Hea
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