Hale Performance Coatings

(Toledo, Ohio)

Since 1930, Hale Performance Coatings has surpassed the expectations of customers providing high-quality plating & metal finishing 

  • Bright-Dipping of Brass

Hale Performance Coating's(HPC) Plating & Metal Finishing Processes:


Hale's Service, Customer Communication, and Quality is Unparalleled!

We offer our Customer's Trucking Service in Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Detroit' Metro Area and Fort Wayne (Eastern Indiana).

We set high expectations for ourselves so our customers can focus-on their other priorities!

  • Electroless Nickel (E-N) & Electroless Nickel with Teflon (ENT):

  • Hale offers High, Mid and Low Phosphorous Electroless Nickel

  • We can E-N molds & parts up 10 ft. x 10 ft. and up to 10-ton capacity. 

  • Hale frequently runs parts with sizes of  48” x 90” via our Electroless Nickel lines.   

Call for more details: Dan Leitch

@ 216.870.1098

  • Stainless Steel Finishing:

  • Electropolishing of Stainless Steel

  • Passivation of Stainless Steel

Before & After Electropolishing

  • Electropolishing of Stainless Steel' tubes, machined components, stampings & fabrications, and welded wire baskets & cages.  See Below.

  • Hard Chrome Plating:

  • Hale's Hard Chrome plating process is unsurpassed.

    • Thickness from .0004" to .010"​

  • For 90-years we have perfected Hard Chrome.

  • We Hard Chrome molds, tools, & dies, and other industrial castings, sheet metal fabrications, machined parts, etc.

  • Hale has 25 ton capacity and we can handle tools & parts  up to 12 ft. deep x 10' wide & long.

  • Hale can also provide Polishing services.

  • Hale is also a leader in masking technology.

Hale designs & builds anodes for all chrome plating molds and tools (See below)

Hale Performance Coating's Large Mold and Tool                         Chrome Plating Facility

Proprietary Coatings for Tooling, Stamping/Deep Drawing Dies, Cutting Tools, Injection & Rubber Molds: 

  • DyCLAD--

    • Very thin Coating thickness (.0001")--thus, does not change the part dimension.   

    • Hardness of 70Rc

    • Superior bond strength.

    • Less friction & tremendous wear resistance--up to 47% improvement.​​​​

  • DyCro-Tuff--

    • This Hale' specialty coating offers hybrid chemical polymer impregnated into the hard chrome electro-plating.  

    • The polymer fills-in the micro-crack structure of the chrome, and provides a mirror-like finish and  extended tool life for your molds, tools, etc. 

  • DyCOTE-C--

    • Special cleaning process along with an HPC' "engineered-chrome" which allows for improved part release from the mold while providing enhanced tool life to the tool.

Guide to Hale' Coatings.........

  • Compression Molds--

    • Electroless Nickel

    • Hard Chrome

    • Dycro-Tuff

  • Rubber Molds--

    • DyCOTE-C

    • Electroless Nickel with Teflon​

    • Hard Chrome

  • Injection Molding Tools--

    • Hard Chrome​

    • DyCLAD

    • DyCro-Tuff

    • Aluminum Molds--Electroless Nickel​​ & E-N with Teflon

  • Stamping Dies, Deep Draw Dies, Cutting Tools, Cold-Forming Tools,  Bearing Surfaces, Transmission 

    • DyCro-Tuff

Call us to inquire about improving your tool, mold, cutting tool and stamping die tool-life. 


Dan Leitch @ 216.870.1098

  • Bright Dipping of Brass Parts--

    • Hale ​has the ability to adapt our Bright Dip' process to meet our customer's specifications.

    • Hale's Bright Dip' niche is processing of variety of low, mid & high volume brass components while maintaining disciplined lot control for each part.

  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF): 

  • Hale's​ HVOF' process is a terrific substitute to Hard Chrome plating.

    • Achieved hardness is 80+Rc​

    • Improved corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, etc.​​

  • Hale can thermal spray (HVOF) a variety of powder

    • Tungsten Carbide (80Rc)

    • Stainless Steel (300 & 400-Series)
    • Chromium Carbide
    • Nickel Chromium

    • Inconel & Monel
    • Nickel Aluminum 

    • Aluminum Bronze

    • ​Tungsten Carbide

            Nickel Super-alloy

  • Our HVOF' process can handle Cylinders, Rods, Shafts, etc. up to 10 ft. in length and 14" in diameter.

  • Hale has diamond-wheel OD/Cylindrical' grinding capabilities.

    • We pre-grind to remove coatings on the Rod/Shaft/Cylinders prior the HVOF process.  Then, we fin​ish-grind to specified OD tolerance with micro-finishes of 4-6 Ra.


Hale's Other Services Include:​

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning and Micro-Cleaning of Parts

  • Black Oxide--High Temperature

  • Laser Etching Parts for Lot Control 

HPC is Environmentally Conscious:

  • HPC has reduced its' Chrome Plating' Footprint from 15 tanks to 3 tanks.

  • Many of our customers have transitioned to a superior coating--i.e, HVOF Thermal Spray

  • HPC's entire facility is a closed-loop plating facility.........zero discharge of chemical into the sewer system. 

HPC has Pick-up and Delivery Service to these areas:

  • Northeastern Ohio--Twice per week

  • Detroit Metro-Area--Daily

  • Eastern Indiana--Twice per week

Hale Performance Coatings--We are ready to service you!!

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Hale Performance Coatings--Hard Chrome Divsion

Hale can hard chrome molds & tools up to 12 feet deep by 10 foot wide and long; We design & build anodes in-house.